4 Winter Roof Problems You Should Prepare For Today

Weather changes definitely have different effects on your home’s roofing which is why you must inspect it every once in a while. Roofs can be a costly investment you would want to take care of rather than risking replacing them. During winter, excess snow might spell danger for your roof as it can be affected in more than the ways to be discussed below. There is no more effective way to rid your roof of excess snow than to employ snow removal in Boise. Snow removal companies have the tools to get the job done. Here are some frequent roof difficulties during winter that these specialists can help you with.

Ice Dams

There are instances when the snow on your roof melts temporarily and then freezes while flowing, which could cause hanging snow to form on your roof edges. The gutters are the first part to be damaged by the accumulating ice weight. Ignoring the problem will also make the shingles loose and lead to the thriving of molds. The sooner the ice can be removed from your roof, the fewer expenses you will spend on its repairs. DIY ice removal can also be dangerous, especially for households that lack the right tools to use or experience, for that matter.


During summer, condensation is never a threat, and besides, it rarely happens; however, the same cannot be said for cold seasons like winter. Moisture can condense in your roof’s shingles, which is the major cause of wear and tear. You will ultimately find mold growing, destroying your house’s general aesthetic appeal. Besides the removal of snow from your roof, the best solution to this is proper attic insulation. Remember, mildew thriving on your roof and home might increase the potential for diverse health hazards to you and your family.

Snow Load

Despite being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, snow load is a bigger threat to your home than you may know. The weight of the rain now on your roof will begin to take a toll on the roof, which opens up the possibility of your roof collapsing. Problems like leaking are just but a few common problems you should expect by neglecting the ice accumulated on your roof. You might be forced to make plans for roof replacement which will be far much costlier than the prevention and cleaning efforts using certified professional roofers.


Leakages on your roof can happen during any other season but more during winter. The bulk ice on your roof will begin to wear it down, causing weakening and breakage in certain areas. The melting snow can slowly seep into your roof, causing adverse effects like mildew growth. Allowing leakages to go on for long can pose a major threat to your roof, weakening it and demanding replacements. Avoid such costly aside effects by regularly removing and cleaning your roof using professionals during winter for improved durability and cost-efficiency.


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