A Guide to Bespoke Building Extensions

It is more important than ever to make the very best of your limited living space and as we move into a new age of technology, property add-ons and granny flats offer a customised approach. When you make an enquiry with a specialist builder that creates extensions and modular homes, they send their design team to view the property and can give you quite a few options on how to gain the extra living space you need.

Modular Units

These can be made from old sea containers and fashioned into chic and comfortable mini homes; all you need to do is prepare a suitable concrete base and the unit is lifted into position – it really is as easy as that! Perfect if you need a home office, an extra bedroom or a study centre for the kids and you can use as many containers as you like. Three 40-ft units can be arranged to give you an ideal living environment and you can have extra storeys if you wish. Finding a company that specialises in renovations and granny flat construction is never an issue if you search online and they would be happy to quote for any design.

Tailored Solutions

No two properties are identical and when it comes to adding living space, you need a tailored design that makes the most of the available space, while also blending in with the overall look of the property. Using the right materials is critical if you want the add-on to look like it belongs and with composite materials you can have a very high level of thermal insulation and that keeps energy costs down.

Loft Conversions

This is certainly the cheapest way to add living space to your home, as the external walls and the roof are already in place, which means you only need a floor and some internal cladding. If you would like to know how much a loft conversion costs, talk to a local custom builder who can furnish you with the details.

Boost the Property Value

If you hire the right builder who creates a suitable design, this should add significant value to your home. The price of a house is in line with the square footage of the living space and every time you increase that, the value shoots up.

If you would like to explore the potential of adding living space to your home, talk to a local builder and see what they can do for you.


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