Choosing a Log Cabin Kit for Your Needs

Are you considering a log cabin kit for building your home? It is a good option as it makes it possible for you to have some input into developing the house while not having to build it entirely from scratch. It is suitable for people who don’t have the time, experience, or skills to cut, peel, and notch logs. It is also ideal for those looking to avoid the hassle. A perfect solution to these dilemmas, a kit makes it easier to take some ownership over the build in a simple manner.

Kits have become popular in the US, with over 30,000 pieces manufactured each year. They come in various options, making it difficult to choose the best fit. With our experience in serving clients, we at Frontier Log Homes and Cabin Kits have come up with a guide to figure out which log cabin is the best fit for you.

Why choose a log cabin?

Log cabins are energy-efficient, attractive, and versatile while bringing us closer to nature.

Before buying a log cabin kit, you should:

  • Check whether the company has an International Log Builder’s Association registration?
  • It would be best if you enquired about their notching techniques.
  • You should ask if the materials needed are included.
  • Discuss their on-site assistance and installation service policies.
  • Check that the logs and plans graded and stamped.


It typically comes in three different completion stages.

  • Shell Only: Also known as the log wall system, this package includes the logs for your cabin. With this kit, you need to source your windows, doors, roof, floor, and all other exterior and interior finishes. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, this can work out as the best overall choice, but only if you are savvy with your other material choices.

  • Dry-In Package: This option comprises a log shell as well as the required exterior finishing. This option should include doors, windows, floors, and the roof.
  • Turn-Key Package: Providing everything that you might need to build your home, this option covers the overall cost of building your house, from the shell, to the exteriors, to even the interior finishes. The only thing that this does not include is the labor cost.


The choice of wood is a matter of personal preference. There are specific lumbers better suited for being used in log cabins. Pine, White Cedar, Cypress, and Spruce are the most common ones in the US. The price of a cabin depends on the type of lumber used; for example, a cedar cabin would be at least $15,000 more than a pine one.


When deciding on a log cabin, you should consider a final budget, and chose the wood, the build of the cabin, etc. according to it.  It is imperative not to compromise on a reputable manufacturer.


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