Create Your Own DIY Bed Bug Extermination Kit

Bed bugs are tiny brown insects that may seem like an apple seed and range in sizes between 1 to 7 mm and thrive off humans and animals’ blood. Bed bugs don’t carry any kind of diseases. Once you have detected bedbug infestation in your home, you need to get rid of the clutter from your home and isolate your bed. Have a bed bug kit ready to eliminate these creatures if you notice them, but if things get out of hand, call a professional. The most effective way is the heat treatment. Here is what you should include in your bed bugs removal kit.

Huge plastic bags

After you have detected bedbug infestation on your home, collect all your clothes, curtains, beddings, towels and other clothing items. Tie the bags nicely and keep them tied until you can wash them at a high temperature. Hot water can easily kill bed bugs and their eggs. Once it is done, place your items in clean new bags. Store these items away from the infected places until you are sure that all the bugs are dead for good.

Use stiff brush for cleaning

You may want to clean the entire room. Make the use of a stiff brush to ensure that all the eggs and shed skins are loosened up for quicker and easier pick up. You will also not need to scrub the walls and ceilings, but you may need to scrub the window frames and baseboards.


You may also need to vacuum the room completely entailing the entire bed and frame, inside your dresser drawers, baseboards, molding and window frames. Make the use of hose attachment but never use the brush attachment. Bed bugs can easily hide in the brush bristles. After you are done vacuuming, eliminate the vacuum bag and put it in a plastic bag. Tie the bag nicely to keep the bed bugs from escaping and then throw away the bag into the outside trash bin.


Once this has been done, apply a liquid insecticide by spraying where you saw the bugs. Spray every furniture piece in the room including the entire bed and frame. Also, don’t forget the crevices where the bugs could be hiding.


Bed bugs can hide anywhere. While you cannot caulk the electricals, you can caulk the following areas:

  1. edge of baseboards
  2. any cracks in baseboards
  3. Around pipes that enter your house
  4. Around cables or wires that enter your house
  5. edge of moldings and any cracks in the moldings
  6. Cracks in the headboard
  7. Around window frames


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