Effective Tips For Keeping Your Natural Stone

When you build your house, good quality natural stones such as marble, slate, etc. are used in the different areas of your house. This is mainly done to impart a new look to your house and magnify its appearance. If you do not take proper care of the natural stones, excessive wear and tear resulting in its discoloration.

If you are thinking about how to clean natural stone, Raysco, inc. can surely help you in cleaning the same. It offers services which ensure that the beauty of the stone is preserved, while these are cleaned. In this way, it can minimize health problems that occur due to dirty surfaces.

Understanding The Types of Natural Stones

When you are doing the cleaning job related to natural stone, it is necessary to know its type. These are of three types of metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous. Ensure whether the bathroom tile is siliceous or calcareous.

The calcareous type is made up of calcium carbonate and it is sensitive to acid. A non-acidic soap is best for limestone, marble and serpentine. Siliceous stones are granite, slate, sandstone, and quartzite etc.

Tips For Cleaning Natural Stones

  • Use a wet, soft cloth or sponge to clean natural stone. Make use of soap used for cleaning the dishes.
  • Do not make use of the rough side of the sponge for cleaning as it results in damaging its appearance.
  • If the crust of food or soap has deposited on the stone, use a soft-bristled toothbrush in a circular motion to remove it.
  • Dry the surface of the stone with a soft towel immediately to avoid spot formation.

  • Do not use products that are not suitable for cleaning natural stone. It results in discoloration of the stone.
  • The doormats need to be cleaned and shaken out regularly, to avoid outside dirt which scratches the stones.
  • Do not drag the heavy equipment like vacuum cleaners on the floor. It results in scratching and destroys the finishing of the natural stone.


Thus the inclusion of small precautionary measures helps maintain the look of your natural stones for a long time. The beauty of these stones does not fade away easily. If proper care is taken, it can be retained for a long time. As these stones are very costly, you get good returns for your investment, if all the above tips are followed strictly in your daily tasks.


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