Few Basic Facts about Modular Homes That You Must Know

Do you know that now you can get home that is made in a factory setting? A company like Kopper Creek now provides you a home as per your specification.

These modular homes are assembled by the builder, where you want to live while all the parts are made in a factory and transported to the site, where the home has to be built.

In case, you want to settle in a different location then such modular homes can always be dismantled and again installed at the new location. Such homes are now available for sale online too.

How these modular homes are different from homes built onsite?

As these kinds of homes are not built on the site but in a factory and hence, they can be produced much faster and within a matter of few weeks or months, all parts of your home will be ready for installation.

Your home construction will not get delayed due to bad weather and they will follow all the norms and codes that are necessary for traditional homes.

Since there are a number of companies who are involved in manufacturing of such modular homes, you are free to shop around and choose your home as per your choice and price.

There can always be a difference of quality, price as well as their service and hence you need to do enough research to choose your modular home supplier.

Few facts about such modular homes

  • These modular homes can be appraised in the same manner like on-site built homes do and their value will not depreciate.
  • You can always customize your modular homes.
  • Companies that make modular homes have their in-house engineering departments which utilize computer aided design for designing such home.
  • Modular home designs may vary in their size and style.
  • These modular constructions can also be used for any commercial applications, like office buildings.
  • Such modular homes can be permanent structures.
  • Modular homes can also be built on basements and crawl spaces.
  • These modular homes can also be considered as a green form of building.

  • As compared to 100% site-built homes, these modular homes can be built much faster.
  • You can also get home loans for such modular homes.
  • Insurance premiums for these modular homes are almost the same like site-built homes.
  • Also, the taxes on such modular homes will be the same as any site-built homes.
  • These modular homes can withstand winds of 175-mph.
  • Modular homes can always be designed for our future convenience.


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