How to apply osmo polyx-oil to the floors in your home or business.

If you are a little in the dark about what exactly osmo polyx-oil is then that me tell you a little bit about it. The purpose of this excellent oil is that it allows any would surface to keep its completely natural look and it helps to sustain the beauty of the wood for longer. It uses a combination of both oil and wax to provide your floor with a hard wearing, incredibly strong, long lasting and reliable finish for both floors and furniture. It has been tried and tested from many years and it is perfect for the interior of your home or business.

Now that you know that osmo polyx-oil can provide your floor with the protection that it needs, you probably want to learn more about how you can preserve the character and quality of your wood. The first thing that you’re going to need is the osmo polyx-oil, and natural bristle brush, something to stare it with, a suitable tray and of course some cleaning products for later. Once you have these essential items together then this is how you apply the oil to the surface area.

  • Pick a test area – Much like you would do with a hair dye, you need to apply it to a test area first so you can figure out the trying times and see if there are any effects that are undesirable to you. If you are satisfied with how the surface looks then it’s time to start painting.
  • Start the painting – Unlike other additives for would services, you do not need to apply any type of thing to do this oil and all you need to do is to make sure that you stare the container well before you begin the application.
  • Brush it evenly – Take your bristle brush in hand and did bit into the container that holds the oil. Try not to get too much on the brush and then try to brush it evenly along the wood grain. If you’re finding that you have any excess oil then just use a clean cloth to remove it as you go along.
  • Coating the floor – Start applying the oil at the furthest point away from the door and brush out words along with the grain of the wood. Keep doing this until you have covered the whole floor and then leave it to dry for about eight to nine hours.

Once the above is completed, then you can apply a second coat and go through the same drying process. You now have a fantastic looking floor and it pays to maintain the enhanced look of your wooden floor from time to time.


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