How to Ensure your Home Has the Cleanest and Safest Water

Tap water comes with some issues. Over the years, there have been cases of groundwater contamination that resulted in unhealthy tap water with harmful chemicals such as perchlorate, hexavalent chromium, and Atrazine. In some states, households struggle with high lead levels in their drinking water. This makes it a concern for citizens to know whether is tap water safe to drink or not. So how do you make sure you are consuming healthy water?

Stay on Top of your City’s Contamination Levels

The majority of contaminants such as chromium-6 hit the water supply as waste products from agriculture or manufacturing. That is why some areas have more contaminated water than others. To get the cleanest tap water, make sure the source water is not being contaminated by industrial pollution, agricultural waste, or human activity. Stay on top of the contamination levels of your city and the chemicals you need to worry about.

Use a Filter that Removes Most of the Bad Substances

To ensure the healthiest and cleanest tap water, filtered water is the best option. But, because water filters are not made equal, you must know which one to use.  Some filters are used to eliminate chlorine and zinc to make tap water smell and taste better. Ensure to choose a water pitcher or filtration system that eliminates the most harmful contaminants.

Avoid BPA Containers

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a carcinogen that mimics estrogen. This endocrine disruptor is found in many hard plastics. BPA can harm your hormones and leach out plastic into your water. When using a filtered pitcher system, ensure the plastic pitcher is free of BPA.  Also, avoid reusing plastic bottles as they contain bacteria; however, other plastic chemicals can be broken down and released in the water when refilled. That is why plastic bottles are an unsustainable water choice regardless of how you slice it. The best option is to use a glass or stainless-steel vessel.

The Power of Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a complex filtration system that makes sure water goes through a five- or six-step process before it reaches your lips. While it is expensive, installing and using a reverse osmosis system will provide your home with the best water. The system that includes carbon filtration will offer the cleanest water possible and minimize or eliminate the majority of water contaminants such as arsenic, perchlorate, and hexavalent chromium. Because you can get a system for the entire house, each sink and faucet will emit only the best, safest filtered water.


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