How to Keep the Safety in Industrial Warehouses

Have you ever worked in a warehouse? If so, you will understand the conditions that exist in one. In the past, there was very little concern for health and safety. Money was not spent on keeping employees safe. It was every man for himself. Thankfully, times are changing. There has been a revolution in workplace standards. This is welcome news for employee welfare. Employees can now go to their warehouse knowing that their safety is a concern of their manager. But how has the safety standards of these warehouses changed over recent years? Stay where you are, this article is going to explore this question and offer some answers.

The Proper Equipment is now Necessary

In the past, there was no such thing as mandatory safety equipment. People would go to work on industrial sites in whatever they liked. This ranged from their clothing to their shoes, socks, and even what they put on their ears. In short, there was very little regard for the personal safety of each worker. Now, there are laws that require workers to dress appropriately. As an example, you now need to always wear your safety hat when working on a site, or in an industrial warehouse. A steel capped boot is compulsory to ensure falling objects do not cause damage to one’s foot. These are all things that were overlooked in the past but are now of vital importance.

Driving is not Done by Just Anyone

In order to drive a piece of machinery, you now need proper training. In the past, anyone could drive a forklift, or a truck. However, today this is not the case. There is certified training to control these vehicles. If an inspector catches a person who is not qualified in driving a vehicle, there can be serous repercussions for the manager. Therefore, these requirements are strictly followed. This is welcome news. To add to this, workers are now sent on mandatory manual handling training courses. This ensure that they are lifting heavy objects appropriately. This has had a serious effect on the number of back injuries that occur from heavy lifting.

The Correct Floors

In Australia, Adelaide epoxy flooring is now the norm for hardware activities. Not only is this a resilient flooring, but it is also anti-slip. This has reduced the number of incidents surrounding a workplace injury caused by a slip. In the future, we hope to see more industrial warehouses integrating an epoxy floor into the workplace.

We hope that you have learned something from this article.


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