Making the Right Decision – Single or Two Storey Home?

So, you have decided to build a custom home and you have a choice between a single storey or two storey house. How do you pick one over the other, and what is best for you? Aside from your own personal preference and the opinion of others, there are some benefits to building one over the other. So, let us look at both of these options and weigh up the pros and cons.

  • Overall Cost – Although a double-storey home is a bit more expensive, you get more yard space when you opt for two storey’s over one. While you can expect to pay more on the building project when constructing a two-storey home because you are building upwards, you get more room than a single storey. If you are concerned about your yard space, you may want to opt for a double.
  • Family – When choosing between a single or double, a custom home builder in south western Sydney will encourage you to consider your lifestyle and the age of your family. If you have any chronic injuries or older adults in the family, you may prefer a single storey home as it eliminates the need for stairs. When you have young kids, it sometimes makes more sense to opt for a single storey as they can roam without the fear of falling down the stairs.
  • Location – If your property has good views of the landscape, it may be better to focus on building up to give you an even better view of your surroundings. You can also maximise the thermal benefits of natural light by building up instead of out. Some people now opt for ground floor bedrooms and living rooms that are on the 2nd
  • Privacy – When we talk about privacy we are focusing on the level of privacy it offers each member of your family. Families with teenagers can organise the layout of their homes differently with a master bedroom upstairs and the rest of the bedrooms downstairs. This gives both teenagers and adults more privacy to enjoy the property.

Choosing between a single and double-storey home comes down to your own personal preference. It is all about assessing your lifestyle and the age of your family. A single storey is no better than a two-storey, it all depends on who will be living in the home once it has been built. Your decision should be based on several factors.


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