Modern Design Ideas for Custom Iron Doors in El Paso

Now an essential part of remodeling or renovation plans for many people, installing a wrought iron door in El Paso is a great way to refresh the façade of your home.

Last year, within weeks of the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, ‘pandemic remodeling’ became a very real phenomenon across the country.

Confined to their homes with nowhere to go and plenty of time on their hands, homeowners across America boldly dusted off their DIY remodeling plans, rolled up their sleeves, and got to work.

With remodeling and renovation plans still proceeding at a rapid pace, homeowners are now looking for ways to make their houses stand out from the rest. For this, there are few things as effective as a custom iron door in El Paso that’s been fabricated down to the very last detail keeping the specifications of a homeowner in mind.

If you’ve been considering having a customized iron door built for your home, here is some advice and some ideas to choose from:

What’s Customization Got to Do with It?

A lot, as it turns out.

More than simply being the ideal solution for unusually-sized doorways or non-standard entrances, customized iron doors are a unique opportunity for homeowners to show off their personal style, in a truly unique way.

After all, as the focal point of the home and the first thing that captures the attention of visitors, an impressive front door – as part of a well-designed entrance – can help make or break the critical first impression.

Rather than simply buying a stock front door, why not take the time to come up with something distinctive and eye-catching?

How Do I Do It?

First things first, if you’re looking to have a customized iron door designed for your home, you should start by reaching out to an experienced, well-reputed iron doors company who can not only do the job for you, but do it well.

Using their expertise and skill, the professionals there will be able to discuss your ideas with you, helping you refine them and suggesting improvements, or corrections, wherever necessary.

Where Do I Start?

Even the most original, one-of-a-kind design has to start somewhere.

It’s likely that your iron doors company of choice will share with you some modern style front doors that they’ve worked on. Once you have a general idea of what you want, they’ll work with you to fine-tune it.

You’ll have a lot of creative freedom to design a front door that’s perfect for your house. Below, the modern style is discussed in detail:

The Modern Style Wrought Iron Door


The modern style wrought iron door, also known as the 20th-century modern style,finds its origins in the German and Scandinavian design principles.

Drawing plenty of influence from the machine age, modern iron doors are designed with the intention to have them reflect their intended purpose.


For modern style iron doors, simplicity takes precedence over everything.

These doors prioritize no-nonsense, visually simplistic aesthetics. They focus on maintaining clean horizontal as well as vertical lines, and do away with the embellishments and ornamentation found in other types of doors.

Though they’re undoubtedly stylish, it’s worth noting that for modern style iron doors, style is merely a by-product, whereas simplicity and functionality is the desired objective.

Who It’s For?

Modern style iron doors are perfect for you if you enjoy a simple, uncluttered design with no bells and whistles or excessive adornments.

Of course, they’re also the first choice for minimalists and those with minimalistic sensibilities.


Generally, any glasswork in a modern style iron door is kept plain and clear. Choosing this type of glass, over opaque or frosted variants, allows plenty of natural light to infiltrate the interior of a home.

This free& unregulated flow of natural light instantly opens up any space, making it airier and brightening it up so that it becomes inviting and warm.

For people that don’t like their homes to feel stuffy or ‘closed off’, modern style iron doors make it easier to view the surroundings of a home from the inside, effectively eliminating any claustrophobic feelings.

Modern Style Wrought Iron Doors in El Paso – The Designs

Unless your heart is set on a very specific design, consider seeking inspiration from these popular examples of modern doors, and customizing them to your requirements:

1. Air 4 Double Flat

Also available in a single variant, the Air 4 iron doors can be customized as per your needs, and are an excellent example of the modern style.

Note the simple design, clean lines, and minimal distracting additions.

2. Air 5 Single Flat

Featuring more windows in its design than the Air 4, the Air 5 single flat continues to be a popular choice among wrought iron doors in Texas.

3. Custom Pivot Doors

If you find that the traditional hinged doors are not your cup of tea, why not go with a modern style pivot door that still incorporates clean lines, but in a slightly more unconventional way?

Pivot doors can be opened in different ways, so it’s all about what you want:

These are just a few examples of the possibilities offered by modern style iron doors. Visit Pinky’s Iron Doors to discover even more examples of how stunning a front door can be. In addition to modern iron doors, they also provide iron French doors, double iron doors and black steel doors all over Texas.

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