Over-Bonnet Storage Solutions: Making Best Use of Available Space

We all use a portion of our living space for storage and with a growing family, the spare room, the loft and the garage are all locations we use to keep things that we might one day need. It is only when planning to relocate that we realise just how much stuff we actually have, yet there are solutions, with ingenious storage boxes that use empty space above the bonnet of your car.

What is Over-Bonnet Storage?

Imagine a large rectangular box that is on four adjustable legs and you have the idea. As the legs are adjustable, you can set the unit to be above your car bonnet and with wheels, the unit simply slides over the front bonnet of your car and you have storage space that was previously unavailable. This is garage storage with a difference and the supplier delivers the kit complete with easy-to-follow instructions, with the assembly taking 1-2 hours.

Designed with Apartment Dwellers in Mind

The over-bonnet storage unit is designed so that is fits inside a single car parking bay, which means you can use it in your car park space in the basement and the unit will not inconvenience anyone, as it sits securely on your allotted space. Due to sturdy construction, your over-bonnet self-storage unit is virtually impenetrable, so your things are always safe. Once you own an over-bonnet storage box, you will wonder how you ever managed without it and should you relocate at some point in the future, take you storage box with you.

Online Solutions

If you would like to learn more about over-bonnet storage boxes, a Google search is all it takes to find an Australian supplier and with a secure online payment, the kit will be despatched to your home address. Once assembled, simply put your stuff inside and slide the unit over the top of your car bonnet.

Installation Service

If you would prefer the supplier to assemble the unit, this can be arranged for a fee and the team would put the unit together at your address. If you never have enough space in your garage and would like to make good use of otherwise unused space in your garage, the over-bonnet storage unit is the perfect solution.

This would make for the perfect Father’s Day gift, which will give dad much more storage space than he has at present and you could place the order and surprise him with an ingenious way to store things.


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