The 5 Most Essential Metal Working Tools

When you start doing the metal work for your DIY projects, you will need some tools. If you go into a hardware store these days, you are going to see a lot of stuff that looks so cool. But you can’t buy every tool that catches your eye, you don’t have the room. At first you should only buy the tools that you are going to use the most. If you have some of the basic items already, like hammers, screwdrivers, and various ways to measure. Here are 5 tools that come into play on virtually every metal working project.

  1. Vice: This very understated piece of machinery is the quiet workhorse of the DIY garage. The most popular form of vice is the kind that bolts on to your workbench and it has a screw to apply pressure. This is known as the bench vice. Sometimes they also feature an anvil type striking surface. This essential tool is endlessly useful, you must have one of these.
  1. Angle Grinder: This versatile tool can take on many jobs. It can cut metal or grind it. You can change the attachments so it can be used to sand or polish. You can also put a marble cutting wheel on it to cut materials like floor tile. When you are doing a metal project, you simply can’t be without this tool.
  1. Chop Saw: Aggressive and loud, it throws lots of sparks, and it makes children run away. But this unit knows its job and it does it well. The chop saw cuts metal, and a few other things. This tool gives you the ability to make precision cuts with consistency, and it will go all day. Just replace the wheel from time to time. Follow this link for a hardware and metal supplier on the Central Coast.
  1. Drill: One of them most common tools in the shop, but it gets used a lot. Made mostly for putting holes in things but it often doubles as a screwdriver. You won’t go far without a drill.
  1. Welder: This is the only tool on the list that takes some time to learn, but so much metal work requires welding this just had to be on the list. With the advent of affordable MIG welders, learning to weld has never been easier. You should plan to get one of these.

This is a basic list, but all these tools will be useful for many years and on virtually every project. Good luck with your projects and stay safe.


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