The Beginner’s Guide To Keypad Door Handles

What is the difference between a keypad door handle and an old-fashioned, manual doorknob? A keypad door handle offers many benefits over its predecessor, including increased security. This post will introduce you to this new type of lock for your home or business. We’ll also go over how it works and what makes them more secure than traditional locksets.

How Does Keypad Door Handle Works?

A keypad door handle is considered to be more secure than a doorknob. This lock operates on an electronic code that must match the pre-selected number you have programmed into your device.

If it does not, then access will still be denied even if someone has possession of your keys or copies them without permission. The only way they can get in is by knowing the numeric code and entering it correctly upon using the device.

This means that someone can’t break in and steal your belongings or injure you while you are inside the building.

The Final Words

Keypad door handles offer convenience because they do not require keys, making them easier to use than traditional deadbolt locksets. Instead, you simply enter a code into the keypad using digital buttons (usually numbers) and then push down on the handle of your choice.


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