Ways To Remove Bed Bugs Easily

As one already knows, Bedbugs are a small, brownish type of insects that survive by feeding mostly on human blood. Although they are small, after feeding, their bodies get bigger and turn into a reddish color.

Although these insects are a disturbance in many ways, they thankfully do not transmit any diseases. The steps used to enlever les punaises de lit

Step 1: Find out the infested areas

If one has got bedbugs, it is always recommended to discover them first before reproducing. It is easier as well as cheaper to treat small infestation before it turns into big problems. Yet smaller troubles can be very much harder to find.

Search bedbugs by oneself, or hiring a professional for the inspection will work. Some inspectors make use of trained dogs for the same purpose.

Bedbugs have very narrow and small bodies that enable them to go through tiny spots like the curtain folds and so on.

Step 2: Containing the infestation

Once one finds an infestation of bedbugs, one needs to keep it contained to get rid quickly. A quick, as well as easy method is to trap these insects is with the vacuum. Run one vacuum over the possible places.

This includes:

  • dresser
  • bed
  • carpets

Step 3:Preping for treatment

Before one starts treating one’s home, do prep work to maximize the odds of getting a success. Make sure one’s linens, drapes, carpets, clothing, etc., have been completely cleaned.


For treating bedbugs, make use of these methods:

  • Wash one’s bedding as well as clothes in hot water for straight 30 minutes. Then put these clothes in the dryers on the heat of the highest temperature for 30 minutes.
  • Making use of the steamer on the infested mattresses and couches, as well as in places where these bedbugs hide, can helo.
  • Pack up the big infested clothing and everything else in a black bag and leave them somewhere outside during a hot 95 degrees day or put them in a car. In cool temperatures, it may take at least two to six months to kill these bugs.
  • Put the bags containing the infested bugs in a freezer with a temperature of -17°C. Making use of a thermometer to check temperature can help. Leave them for spam of four days at least.

To conclude, making use of these ways can help one to enlever les punaises de lit


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